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Someone once said the secret to giving a good speech is to imagine the audience naked. Any good actor will tell you that’s wrong. The audience isn’t naked, you are.

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” I’ll show you that performing is not just about storytelling or good content but about developing a character—an amplified and, metaphorically speaking, naked version of your character.

For two full days, you’ll get an education in public speaking and performance like none you’ve ever had before. Plus, I’ll perform. You’ll see me walk my talk in my one-man show, The Think Big Revolution, a performance that earns me $25,000 a gig.

Make the Most of the Spotlight Moments in Your Life.

Why am I doing this? Am I trying to get you in the room to pitch you a big program, to upsell you to the rafters? No way. I think if you only speak to sell from the stage you should cut out your tongue. The honor of performing for, speaking to, or teaching an audience full of people is about the biggest gift you’ll ever be given. Of course, if you ask me how you can work with me in the future, I’ll tell you how. But, no, I want to coach you for one big reason:

I know I can make you a better speaker. Truly, it’s my greatest passion. I’m so happy doing this work that I just want to do it all the time. I haven’t felt like that about something in a long, long time.


You will leave knowing all of this and more. Absolutely guaranteed.
If you don’t, I’ll lick the soles of your shoes to do penance.

  • Have full command of your audience. They’ll be hanging on your every word, even if they don’t know you from Adam! That means you can get them doing what you want, when you want.
  • Give a performance, not a speech, so you get a rousing round of applause when you’re done, and you’ll get rave reviews from the entire room.
  • Do away with PPT and put down the clicker that fires bullet points and kills speeches. Instead, make every speech a gripping, pre-planned spontaneous improve.
  • Leverage the “rules” of high-level performance and know which rules to break – and HOW to break them for maximum effect.
  • Construct your story from a series of smaller stories, each one with a payoff that satisfies and delights your adoring fans.
  • Have them laughing in the isles … even if you’re not known for your sense of humor. Audiences love an emotional rollercoaster. Getting them laughing is crucial, even if your story is a sad one.
  • Use the Hollywood secrets to crafting compelling cliffhangers so that your audience doesn’t have any choice but to give you their undivided attention.
  • Earn love and respect from the audience BEFORE YOU EVEN SET FOOT ON STAGE. After all, if they don’t like you from the get-go, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do!
  • Make every audience member an important part of the story, whether you’ve got 4 or 4,000 people in the room. When they’re fully invested, they’ll play full out … and make more investments.
  • LEAVE OUT the most important parts of your speech, so that your audience can fill in the gaps and make your story come alive for them. (It’s the secret to being “everything to everybody”).
  • Use skits and bits that bring stories to life and entertain.
  • Structure your material so that your audience would rather pee their pants then go to the bathroom and miss even one second of your presentation.
  • Use ethical, emotional and logical persuasion tactics to move audiences to take action.
  • Exploit structural, emotional and delivery contrast to create a fast moving, entertaining and educational event.
  • Leverage interaction with your audience so they’re engaged and feel part of the experience.
  • Find stories to tell and narrate numbers so your words are emotional and visual for the greatest impact.
  • Create a winning combination of scripting and outlining so your structure flows effortlessly and you never forget where you are—and if you do, it’ll be easy to get right back on track.
  • Sound big, bold and powerful using voice techniques known by only the best-trained actors and singers.
  • Rehearse like the pros—rehearsal is the key to success and if you don’t know how to do it right, you won’t do it at all.
  • Observe everything going on around you while you’re performing like a highly trained actor (this is the actor’s 7th sense).
  • Pick the best audience members who’ll support and encourage you and how to conquer and own the naysayers and troublemakers like the stand up comedian.
  • Answer questions and take Q&A like a pro, answering every question individually and collectively so everyone benefits and gets value.
  • Use props to influence and visualize a story—they’ll also difference you from all the other typical “public speakers.”
  • Handle nerves pre-show and during your performance so you’re confident and compelling.
  • Stop using the same unnecessary, typical and boring opening and closings used by every other untrained speaker (truth is even the most experienced speakers use this to their detriment)
  • Find your own special, unique and exciting speaking style. Not everyone is like Tony Robbins (nor should they be). You can turn in a Meryl Streep quality speech standing in one place and speaking softly.
  • Get a standing ovation EVERY SINGLE TIME. Seriously. No joke.

I recently watched a pretty well known guy give a pretty poor speech.

His words were OK, and he even structured his presentation OK,
but it lacked flair.

It lacked finesse. It lacked the emotional punch that would have really had me hooked.

It felt robotic. No excitement.


I would rather have got his information from a book.

After his speech, he asked me what I thought.
I asked if he really wanted to know. He did and so I told him.

He went silent, and thought for a little while, and then because he’s in pursuit of mastery and wants to get better, he asked me if I’d coach him to become a better speaker. He said I was one of the best speakers he’d ever seen … “a true performer,” he said.

Keep that keyword in mind: PERFORMER. We’ll get back to it in a minute.

Unfortunately, I had to say no. It was boating season.

As a gesture, though, to repay his confidence in me and his very kind words, I promised to do a little research for him and point him in the right direction.

I dug far and wide for public speaking advice, and I found…

Huge Piles of Sophomoric Sludge.


Even the videos of the guys who teach public speaking were boring.

Take this example from one of the largest and most highly regarded public speaking training organization in the world. They say:

  • Know your material.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice!
  • Know the audience.
  • Know the room.
  • Relax.
  • Visualize yourself giving your speech.
  • Realize that people want you to succeed.
  • Don’t apologize.
  • Concentrate on the message.
  • Gain experience.

This is it?

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is sound advice for an amateur who has to give a wedding speech, for free, to a warm room.

But for everybody else, this advice does more harm than good. What it doesn’t tell you is, well, anything that will make you a truly great speaker.

The next most popular search result offer these tips for the budding professional speaker:

  • Make eye contact
  • Have a point and stick to it
  • Speak clearly
  • Be interesting
  • Speak up
  • Use your hands

I mean seriously …

“Oy Vey!” As my mother would say.

How much more generic and useless could you get without saying “Do a good job!”?


Desperate for something meatier, I dug deeper.

The biggest business magazine has to have something worth saying about this, right?


Here’s what they tell you to do:

  • Begin with the end in mind.
  • Simplify your messages.
  • Connect with your audience.
  • Tell personal stories.
  • Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  • Tell them.
  • Tell them what you told them.
  • Say thank you.

So I ended up despondent.

Sure this advice is “correct”
but, I thought, could this be it?

And while there have to be great public speaking coaches along with reasonable public speaking coaches out there, who can teach you about content development, plus some clever techniques or devices that speakers use … there’s a big glaring piece missing.

They’re teaching you how to SPEAK
and nobody wants to listen to somebody SPEAK
No. No. No.


You need to learn how to PERFORM TO INSPIRE.

… if you’re going to be a truly great public speaker! A great speaker HAS TO PERFORM like a highly skilled actor. That’s why we respond with emotion and excitement to actors when they’re at the top of their game: they have mastered the art of performance. If you want your audience to respond in the same way, you’ve got to give them the same experience they get at the movies, or on Broadway. So if you want to…

make big bucks as a speaker

… and you want to move people in magical and mysterious ways … … then you gotta ACT! And that’s what I’m going to teach you: how to perform, how to act, and how to own the stage like a stand up comic.

I earn $25,000 per speech. Would you like that, too?

Think Big, Speak Easy.


The Think Big Speak Easy is guaranteed to make your public speeches so captivating, so enchanting, so darn EFFECTIVE, that you’ll never again have to worry about “knowing your material” or “practicing in front of a mirror.” When you come to The Speakeasy I don’t teach you to speak …
I teach you how to PERFORM and INSPIRE.

IF YOU MADE $25,000 per speech, at four speeches a month, that’s 1.2 million a year.

And while I can’t promise that you’ll earn a million a year in speaking fees, I can guarantee you’ll look, and sound, like a million dollars when you’re up on stage. I spent three years earning my MFA at NYU’s Graduate Acting Program, arguably one of the three best programs in the country along with Yale and Juilliard. My schoolmates included Emmy Award and Golden Globe winners like Michael Hall (star of Dexter and 6 Feet Under), Daniel Dae-Kim (star of Lost and Hawaii 50), Billy Crudup (star of Almost Famous, Mission Impossible), Debra Messing (star Will & Grace & Smash), Wood Harris (star of The Wire), David Costable (Breaking Bad and Low Winter Sun) just to name a few.

Yes, I’m name dropping.

My point is … you’ve got to give them the same experience they get at the movies, or on Broadway. I did everything from David Mamet to Shakespeare. I guest-starred in shows like Sex & The City, Third Watch, All My Children, Law & Order, The Pelican Brief, Down to Earth, Another World, and more. I did countless TV commercials and Voice-Overs for companies like Budweiser, AT&T, Coors Beer, Pizza Hut, MTV, and dozens more.

I also taught acting.

And it’s time to put that teacher’s hat back on. I’m going to teach you how to think – and speak – like an actor. You’re going to tell stories, stir up emotion and get the crowd on your side. That’s pure power, right there in your hands.



  • A HUGE “Thank you!” to you, Michael, for the amazing coaching you gave me yesterday morning. I’d never had any coaching before yesterday, and I know your insights and suggestions will transform my presentations. And while it was really nerve-wracking to have to rework my talk on the spot in front of 200 people (yikes!), you put me at ease and made it a very safe space to work together in. And an ENORMOUS “Thank you!” to everyone in the auditorium for all of the love and support you so generously offered. I could feel you all rooting for me the whole way! It really was an amazing experience.
    dyanDyan deNapoli
  • Can’t describe the feeling of being at “Think Big.” Your show was off the chain. Brave, honest, emotional in a way I haven’t seen from our peers. So impressed.The stage time with you was priceless. I have great friends and mentors, but our collaboration – the way you gracefully navigated it – shows me how much of a pro you are. Humbled to see you do your thing. Your feedback was spot on and felt right and what I needed to hear. I’ll ping you and Amy for private coaching soon. Can already feel a difference in how I want to show up. KNOW that your gift works.Your show made a difference. I could feel it. People talked about it after. The way you did it – the reality and the showmanship. It wasn’t just your confidence and ability on stage, it was your charisma, your grace, and the very palpable intention to help every person there.For that, gratitude beyond and beyond. You took us to a new level up there. So much so that thinking small wasn’t even an option anymore. Thank you.
    ishitaIshita Gupta
  • Having been the recipient of Michael’s coaching at a Think Big Speak Easy in PA, I can vouch for the fact that he is in his sweetest of sweet spots when doing this sort of coaching. He’s kind, positive and creative.
    carolynCarolyn Herfurth
  • It just became overwhelming to realize that I actually may have the possibility – maybe even a responsibility – to help people on a bigger scale. It was so overwhelming! Your Mom and Dad were sitting in front of me and I leaned forward with tears in my eyes and said “You must be so proud of your son. He has changed my life today”. It was such a moment of completeness. A moment of clarity that I was, at that exact moment, right where I should be.
    debbieDeborah “Debbie” Marini
  • If you want to truly TRANSFORM the way you present and perform on stage, then you must attend Michael Port’s Think Big Speak Easy event. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend three of these event experiences, and they have been incredible. It’s really amazing to watch an average speaker become a powerful speaker right before your eyes. Michael works intensely (but lovingly) with each speaker bringing out the absolute best in them. It’s something you have to experience first-hand to believe. Whether you aspire to speak on stage or on video, Think Big Speak Easy is a great investment in your future.
    louLou Bortone
  • Hello Everyone! I wanted to share an awesome experience I had that was possible thanks to the training I received from Michael. I was in Las Vegas last week at a large “pay to play” event that my company took part in. I was giving a speech and then 3 of my sales reps had directed, one-on-one meetings over the next three days with true consumers of our more

    brianBrian Wolfinger

  • Michael’s promise to the world is that he “can make you a better speaker.” He does not break his promise as I soon learned. It was a great mixture of speaking skills and thinking bigger than you thought before.
    It was more than just learning how to engage with a crowd, Micheal served as a motivator. Dropping gems after gems… read more

    jamesJames Lopez

  • Michael Port’s naked vulnerability was a beacon of wisdom into his own “thinking big.” And even though I knew quite well that there is wisdom in our shadow, to see it demonstrated on stage in front of a packed, standing room only house of 200 plus folks, cameras snapping, a cameraman panning, and total strangers gawking, the invitation to me personally pierced that place of comfort that I was hanging on to. I knew in that moment that I, too, had to take off the robe of procrastination, and the layers of contrived safety I had concocted over the years, and expose my beautiful, glorious, wisdom-filled wounds.
    read more

    stephanieStephanie Renee Payne

  • Thanks so much Michael Port and your entire team! It was a great event! Enjoyed being part of the entire process from the beginning to end. Very inspired by the courage of the “coachees” and their willingness to really dig deep in front of all of us.
    cherylCheryl Dolan
  • The event today was nothing short of incredible.
    catherineCatherine Altman Morgan
  • It is AMAZING to watch the transformation of a speaker’s performance as they get coached by Michael Port during the THINK BIG SPEAK EASY session. Within 30 minutes, the speakers learn to tap into exactly what it takes to get the audience eating out of their hands. If THINK BIG SPEAK EASY were a reality show, I would binge watch it.
    cherylCheryl Dale
  • Michael Port’s THINK BIG SPEAK EASY training/coaching was undoubtedly one of the best I have ever experienced. The value he provided was awesome and the inclusion of other professional speakers/authors like John Havens and Barry Moltz took it to another level. The panel discussion with these guys was great! We got speaking and biz tips, along with comedy and a hot musical performance. I was more informed and entertained at the THINK BIG SPEAK EASY than I’ve been at some other events for which I paid more than double the amount. Talk about going Beyond Booked Solid!
    rachelRachel Wilson Thibodeaux
  • THINK BIG SPEAK EASY has to be one of the best conferences I’ve experienced. Not only do you walk away with some fantastic tips and advice, but you’re receiving them live and in the moment. There are plenty of ways to learn, but there is only one way to take action: just do it. I know I left the conference a better speaker than when I walked in. And that’s exactly what I needed: results!
    jamesJames Wightman
  • Yesterday was AMAZING, Michael. I’m recommending to all my speaker and “expert” friends. And thank you for putting it all out there. So grateful to have been there.
    loriLori Richardson
  • Wanting to inspire others through speaking, I enrolled in Michael Port’s Think Big Speak Easy workshop. I’ve been following Michael for a while, and I love his style and wanted to learn from a true performer. He is brilliant! If you are serious about becoming a speaker, you have to take one of his classes. It will transform the way you speak – you will learn how to prepare better, you will understand how to connect with your audience, and know how to speak with intention using your natural style, plus you will meet a lot of really cool people. This was hands down one of the best trainings I’ve attended. Thanks, Michael!
    tanujaTanuja Ramchal










I’m not going to teach you public speaking. I’m going to teach you the art and science of performance.

When you apply this to your speaking efforts, you will immediately see a palpable change in your personal power.

It’s by using these skills, skills that I’ve honed over the last 20 years starting at the best performing arts school in the country, that your speaking career will be turbo-charged. I use the same principles myself, religiously. I acted. I taught acting. And THEN I spoke. I speak at events organized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, State Farm, The Screen Actors Guild, The National Speakers Association, CreativeLIVE, ActionCoach International, Poliquin, Viacom, ColdWell Banker, Schwarzkopf, Microsoft, Credit Suisse, InvescoTriMark and a whole host more … Rick Calvert, the Founder and CEO of BlogWorld, said (and he’s seen them all) that I was “hands down, the best speaker [he has] ever seen.” High praise indeed … See for yourself … Check it out … the story I tell at the beginning … It’s the first time I’ve ever told it. The story I tell at the end, I tell all the time.


Is it for you?

Do you speak? Then how could it not be? Can you afford to spend $2000 or even just $250 to be a better speaker?

Of course you can. If getting to the event seems tough, then toughen up.

The performer will do anything and everything, whatever it takes to share their art (work).

Get a flight, take a road trip, share a hotel room, crash on someone’s floor.

Just get to the Think Big Speak Easy. You’ll be glad you did.


The principles are timeless and extraordinary. You will finally fulfill that childhood dream of having the entire stadium hanging on your every word.

I’m going to transform the most important skill you’ve got:
your communication skill.

If you have pre-sale questions, then call my team any time on
414-FOR PORT. Or email

If you’d like to get coached by me, live, on stage during the event for a full hour, the investment is only $2,000 and there are no refunds BEFORE the workshop. When you’re in, you’re in. If you don’t show (unless you’re on your deathbed) then you don’t get your money back (you will, however, have a credit with me). But, if you do show and you think the workshop sucked, then you can have your money back.

If you’re serious, put down the full amount right now.

You’re required to show up and play full out, with an open mind and an open heart for two full days. If you can’t commit to that, I understand.

But if you’re so excited about this right now that you could just burst, then take action right now and reserve your spot below.

There are only 8 spots available
for one-to-one coaching

Reserve your spot

Coaching Option

Chose from the available days below and for only $2000 you get a minimum of an hour on the stage. Only 8 people get this. If you want info on future events, send us an email saying so.

April 24-25 Philadelphia, PA
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May 20-21 Long Beach, CA
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June 23-24 Baltimore, MD
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Observing Option

Chose from the available dates below and for only $250 you get to watch all the coaching sessions & participate in all Q&A. If you decide to get coached at a future workshop, you’ll get a $250 discount.

April 24-25 Philadelphia, PA
May 20-21 Long Beach, CA
June 23-24 Baltimore, MD
Together, we can do more than you can alone.

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The agenda varies but the start, end and lunch
times remain consistent across events.

You’ll see me perform, watch me coach others, and get to ask all the questions your heart desires.

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